Affordable hosting.

With the latest generation hardware, premium DDoS protection and the best around-the-clock support, you cannot go wrong with the affordable hosting at Novonode!

Why Novonode

What we offer to make your hosting the best.

Instant Activation

Upon the purchase of a service, it is instantly setup for you. No need to wait, your login details are emailed to you within seconds.

Excellent Support

Our fast, reliable, knowledgeable support team works hard every day to keep your server at it's peak performance.

Modern Hardware

We only use quality hardware to ensure your product is always up and running at top-tier performance.

99% Uptime

We strive to prioritize service availability. We've engineered our network to ensure our SLA is always met.

DDoS Protection

Our advanced firewall protects you and your services against the most basic as well as the most robust attacks at any time.

Public Node Stats

We publish our node stats because we have nothing to hide. We closely monitor every node to ensure top-tier performance.

Our locations

We currently offer locations in 4 countries and will continue to expand.


Frequently Asked Questions


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