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Last Revised: February 2023

By using services rendered by Novonode, you automatically agree to our Service Level Agreement (herein referred to as “SLA”), including all the clauses listed within it. If you do not agree, you must cease use of the service immediately.

We reserve the right to update or modify any part of the SLA, at any time, without prior notice. It is your responsibility to periodically review the SLA and update yourself with the changing provisions. You will be notified of any changes within the privacy policy by the “Last Revised:” section at the start of this page.

By continuing to use our service, you represent and warrant that you either i) are above the age of thirteen (“13”) or ii) have written parental consent that can be submitted to Novonode, upon request, verifying the fact that parental consent exists for you to continue use of our service.

By continuing to use our service, you represent and warrant that you either i) are above the age of

1. Coverage

We guarantee 99% uptime network availability to all our services. Should we fail to supply a service which violates this agreement for 15 consecutive minutes, the affected service will be covered by the SLA.

Our physical machines have the capacity to always supply the service for all applicable services. If such physical machines are unable to maintain this agreement for 15 consecutive minutes, the affected service will be covered by the SLA.

We can guarantee protection against most types of Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS) attacks. If we are unable to mitigate a Dos/DDoS attack within 15 minutes following the commencement of such an attack, the affected service will be covered by our SLA.

2. Scope of the SLA

Our clients will be compensated as per the terms set out below.

To apply for service compensation, you must create a ‘Service Level Agreement claim’ via a support ticket on our client panel from the appropriate client account. We do not accept claims from a client account not associated with the affected service. Such a ticket must be submitted within one week (seven days) of the start of the incident that led to the outage.

All SLA claims will be investigated by our team, who will assess whether the SLA claim is compliant with the terms of this agreement. The decision to uphold the claim is at the sole discretion of Novonode, and any claims we believe to be fraudulent will be immediately rejected. We reserve the right to deny SLA claims if we believe that the client has purposefully attempted to cause a service disruption to claim against this policy.

The SLA is only valid for direct clients. We cannot be held liable for downtime caused by any reseller of our services. We may choose, without prejudice, to compensate for outages that fall outside of this policy.

3. Collection of Data Provided Automatically via Cookies

Our SLA does not apply to the following circumstances which lead to service interruptions.

To support our service, we may occasionally carry out maintenance on our service that results in temporary downtime. We will, however, announce all planned maintenance via an email, on our Discord server, and on our website in easily accessible locations, but will not compensate clients for such downtime.

We will not compensate clients for interruptions or outages not caused by Novonode, such as the client installing third-party files, software, or custom scripts, nor will we compensate clients should they exceed the allocated resources dedicated to their service which then leads to interruptions or outages.

Formal Enquiries

All formal enquiries, including those of a legal nature, should be directed to: [email protected]

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