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Name RAM Storage Cores Price
VPS-01 1GB 10GB 1 vCore $3.00/monthly Buy Now
VPS-02 2GB 15GB 1 vCore $6.00/monthly Buy Now
VPS-04 4GB 25GB 2 vCore $12.00/monthly Buy Now
VPS-06 6GB 35GB 2 vCore $18.00/monthly Buy Now
VPS-08 8GB 45GB 4 vCore $24.00/monthly Buy Now
VPS-10 10GB 60GB 4 vCore $30.00/monthly Buy Now
VPS-12 12GB 70GB 4 vCore $36.00/monthly Buy Now
VPS-14 14GB 80GB 4 vCore $42.00/monthly Buy Now
VPS-16 16GB 90GB 4 vCore $48.00/monthly Buy Now


We offer a variety of operating systems. Below are some of what we cover.

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